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Case Study Workshop: Useful Tips and Tricks

BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – Case Study Workshop was conducted on Wednesday (18/10/17) 4-6PM at Seminar Room, Petroleum Engineering Building. All participants were excited to join although it was raining. This event was organized by SPE ITB SC, in collaboration with IATMI SM ITB and HMTM ‘PATRA’ ITB. The speakers were the previous Case Study Competition winner (IPA Business Case Study Competition 2017 and Petroweek Case Study Competition 2017), Aulia Siamanda (PE14) and Mila Ghani (PE14).

After the event was openned by Advarel (PE15) as moderator, Aulia explained about the competition stages, which were essay, semifinal, case interview, and final case study. The main outputs, also the crucial part were written documents and the presentation. “The hardest thing was litertature study because we never learn about it”, Mila said. The team should make sure the source credibility was not from blogspot or wordpress, otherwise from onepetro or petrowiki for petroleum case and books for business case. The grammar and diction, body language, fluency are important in this competition. It is necessary to pay attention about the duration of presentation, there will be deduction on point if the presentation exceed the time limit. The judges will ask question to all of the team member, so all of them should prepared. In addition, the judge was not ordinary people, so make sure to do research before presenting the result.

Furthermore, the speakers also explained the rough approximation about the recommended step. First, comprehend the case thoroughly, then team discussion, preparing document and presentation material, and lastly make sure crosscheck with each other. Aulia and Mila also told the participant about the useful do’s and dont’s when took part this competition.

The speakers told the stories about hard and also precious moment when took part in case study competition. This event was closed by giving certificate to the speakers and photo session with all of the participants.

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