Carbonate Reservoir Pressure Maintenance in Banyu Urip Field

BANDUNG, – In a collaboration with IATMI SM ITB and HMTM “PATRA” ITB, SPE ITB SC has successfully conducted another technical guest lecture on February 9th 2018 at Total Handil Room, Petroleum Engineering Building, ITB. This two-hour guest lecture was brought by Mr. Nor Hidayatullah (PE 2003) as a senior reservoir engineer in Pertamina EP Cepu. In this session, Mr. Nor was explaining about Pressure Maintenance in Carbonate Reservoir, especially in Banyu Urip Field, Cepu Block. This guest lecture was conducted to enlarge the knowledge of audience about pressure maintenance.

Banyu Urip field was discovered in 2001 and now it is owned by three parties, i.e. PT Pertamina EP Cepu (45%), Exxon Mobil Cepu Ltd. (45%) as its operator, and Regional Owned Enterprises or BUMD (10%). Reservoir properties in Banyu urip field is mainly composed of carbonate build up and clastic in the upper section and contains oil and gas. Banyu Urip field has the Initial Hydrocarbon in Place is more 1.2 Billion Barrel and can produce up to 200 MBOPD (around 25% of national oil production).

“There are four pillars to achieve the target of maximizing recovery by maintaining the reservoir pressure, those are Depletion strategy, injectivity & flow assurance, injection system availability & integrity, and monitoring”, Mr. Nor said. “But above all of those pillars, we have to understand about the reservoir itself”.

Mr. Nor also said that in maintaining the reservoir pressure, especially by injection, we have to consider the reservoir connectivity. In Banyu Urip field, the injection is done into both water and gas phase in the reservoir simultaneously to bring “Sandwich Pressurized Effect”. The produced water is re-injected with additional water from Bengawan Solo River.

“However, this plan was projected to take 5 years, but it was successfully brought to reality after 10 years, until 2016”, Mr. Nor Said.

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