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Basic Well Integrity Surveillance and Logging

On Friday, 14th October 2017, SPE ITB SC collaborating with IATMI SM ITB and HMTM ‘PATRA’ ITB, conducted a technical guest lecture, themed “Basic Well Integrity Surveillance and Logging.” It was held at Total Handil Room in Petroleum Engineering Building. Mr. Khresno Pahlevi (Sr. Well Intervention & Integrity Engineer ConocoPhillips), Mr. Alan Mujahir (Sr. Well Intervention & Integrity Engineer Gowell Petro), and Mr. Wiyanto Andono (Sr. Well Intervention & Integrity Engineer Gowell Petro) were the speakers of this technical guest lecture, and Anthony Kurnia Jaya (PE ’16) was the moderator of this guest lecture.

First of all, it was stated that the guest lecture isn’t just for the Petroleum Engineering student but it is open for everyone in every major. The guest lecture begun with tips on how to manage oil and gas well. There were some points that are needed to manage oil and gas well, like identifying the “Pay Zone” correctly, measuring how effective the hydrocarbon draining from production, checking if there is any HC left in reservoirs, and calculating how much hydrocarbon that the reservoir will still be able to produce.

Also, they discussed the factors which determine productivity and recovery rate of oil and gas. The first one was permeability, and the second was the price of oil and gas. Permeability is the strength of natural drives, viscosity of oil, wellbore damage, well integrity like X-flow and leaching, and the last was hydrocarbon identification. The price of oil and gas do determine the productivity as well. If the price is low, then oil company will cut its budget so that it can operates more efficiently and optimizing the production. The speakers also gave the information about production management, like reservoir saturation analysis, wellbore low profile, well integrates, and reservoir flow profile.

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