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7th SPE Guest Lecture “Efficient Strategy for Optimum Development in Mature Gas Fields”

Recent information of technology, operation and knowledge regarding petroleum engineering issues are important to be known by student to gain a better sight of the future work condition, so that student can prepare all of the things related to their goals from recent time.  Working experience and environment also need to be introduced or informed to student for the same reason. SPE ITB SC plans to invite all of professionals, lecturers, alumnus, and also employees from industries to give short guest lecture to provide student recent information from their own expertise. Later in the future, students should have the required capability to involve heavily in daily company’s activity. The basic concepts are already given in the class, but adjustment still will be needed. The purposes of the program are described as below:

– To enhance technical skill and knowledge of the student about technology on the petroleum industry

– To match things have been learnt in the class with their application in daily industry


Every week, SPE ITB SC invites guest speakers to present on a range of topics. Some of the speakers are alumni, who are happy to return to the university to share their experiences, and others will be experts in a particular field who will provide detailed understanding of a specific area in Petroleum Engineering. A guest lecture by Mr. Andre Wijanarko, Reservoir Modeling Manager, VICO Indonesia with theme “Efficient Strategy for Optimum Development in Mature Gas Fields” was delivered on October 18th 2013, at Total Handil Room, Petroleum Engineering Department ITB Bandung. The participants is 70 persons.

The lecture discussed regarding development reservoir evolution from green field until mature field stage. He spoke about role of petroleum engineering / reservoir engineering in field development. And He also explained about practical nodal analysis and some reservoir-engineering example. The lecture came to the end with the vote of thanks proposed by Benardi Wibowo, Moderator of the guest lecture.

Eventually, a nice memento and photo session wrapped the day. It was a very resourceful session and the participants gave a very good feedback. Nearly 60 students got benefitted through this guest lecture and we would recommend that you attend as many of these presentations as you can. Overall, I think this lecture was very useful because we have learned something new that related to our professionalism as a petroleum engineer. This event was also conducted successfully and should be continued in the future as a regular event.

by : Alpin Arief

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