IPFEST 2018 : Stringing the Future

BANDUNG, speitbsc.org – SPE ITB SC, IATMI SM ITB, and HMTM ‘PATRA’ ITB decided to conduct the biggest collaboration event: Integrated Petroleum Festival 2018 (IPFEST 2018), themed “Stringing the Future: Enchancing Eneergy Resilience through Innovative Collaboration”. IPFEST 2018 was held on Friday – Saturday (23-24/02/2018) and took place at Bandung Institute of Technology. Held on international scale, this event provided a great occasion for students to increase their knowledge, develop their innovations, and open up their connections with fellow students who have the strong interest to cope with energy problems and discuss with professionals regarding energy issues that are happening based on petroleum engineering related competitions between both regional (ITB, UI, UPN, UTM, ITS, STEM Akamigas Cepu, Trisakti University, STT Migas Balikpapan, UGM) and international student escpecially from Malaysia.

IPFEST 2018 consists of a total six competitions and some events, including:

Smart Competition

Test participant’s knowledge about energy, oil & gas industry and engineering problems by answering correctly the questions given in a limited time. There will be additional innovative games in the final to make the competition more exciting.

Paper Competition

Students are encouraged to push the limits of their knowledge and creativity to find innovations or even discoveries in the oil and gas industries. These innovation and discoveries are to be express into the form of a paper by the students. The papers are to be presented by the students to the respectful judges.

Plan of Development Competition

Challenge the participants to develop an oil and gas site efficiently and economically based on certain case and given data. They can develop their engineering sense of team work, planning projects, and work responsibility through the plan of development project.

Oil Rig Competition

Combine the petroleum industry knowledge, engineering principal, and design concept to create a model of oil rigs. Participants hopefully can make a new innovative and creative design to create miniature of semi-submersible oil rig.

Mud Innovative Competition

Challenge participant’s knowledge about drilling mud. This competition emphasizes on how participants solve problems given by drilling mud experts.

Business Case Competition

Challenge participants to apply their knowledge and analysis competence to solve economic-based problem. In this competition, participants will be challenged to create innovative solutions for cases that will be given.

Energy Campaign

High School Visit that was held in several high schools in Bandung to provide a correct understanding of the nation’s energy condition that Indonesia is not an oil and gas rich country anymore.

Dream Class

An event that will be held at one of the orphanages in Bandung to give motivation to the young generation to be more courageous in pursuing their dreams.

Integrated Petroleum Guest Lecture (IPGL)

Series of guest lectures as a pre-event before Integrated Petroleum Convention and Exhibition (IPConvex). There will be Alumni Sharing Sessions and Technical Guest Lectures. The technical matter will be delivered by Engineers from various companies. And the work experiences will be shared by Alumni of Himpunan Mahasiswa Teknik Perminyakan “PATRA” ITB.

Health Check

Free health check and dental examinations for local residents which will be held in the area around Taman Film Jalan Layang Pasupati Bandung. This activity is in collaboration with Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of the Dentistry Padjajaran University.

Petro Care 2018

A blood donation event that is combined with energy campaign that is related with Indonesia’s energy condition. This event is a media for people to evolve and apply their kindness to other and their concern about world’s energy condition, particularly about our energy resilience.

Tour de Bandung

Take place at one of the most wonderful tourist attraction in Bandung, Saung Angklung Mang Udjo to give the delegates an unforgettable day while playing various games and challenges as well to strengthen the bonds between delegates.

Integrated Petroleum Convention and Exhibition (IPConvex)

The convention will specifically focus on how oil and gas stakeholders in Indonesia maximize the potential in oil and gas industry to enhance Indonesia’s energy resilience with nop-notch speaker, Prof, Ir. Purnomo Yugisantoro (Former Minister of Energy and Minerla Resources and Defense), Waras Budi Santosa (Head of Oil and Gas Monetization Division SKK Migas), Bambang Ismanto (Vice President Reservoir Development BP), Salis Aprilian (Former President Director Badak LNG, currently Technical Experts/Strategic Advisor of PT Pertamina), bringin theme “Enhancing Energy Resilence through Innovative Collaboration between Stakeholder in The Gas Era”. The exhibition will be attended by oil and gas companies in Indonesia to give a brief explanation about their company profiles and recruitment processes. There will be also the exhibition of the works from IPFEST 2018 Paper Competition, Oil Rig Design Competition participants.

Gala Dinner

A prestigious closing ceremony dinner of IPFEST 2018 for delegates, judges, student chapter representatives, IPFEST 2018 committees, boards of SPE ITB SC, boards of HMTM PATRA ITB, and boards of IATMI SM ITB. This event will bring “Sundanese Night” theme that covers announcement of the competition winners and Sundanese cultural performances by one of the best ITB’s cultural organization.

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